About Us


Jewellery, clutches, hang bags and trainers have always been a passion of mine.   I can still remember the moment I first fell in love with styling outfits to match and or compliment my chosen outfit.  Being the tall friend in the group meant it was always difficult to find clothes that fit just right, but finding the right earring, necklace, clutch or handbag to complete the outfit was never an issue.  My accessories eventually blossomed into being the statement that came along with being me.  I aimed to make every single piece unique, timeless and fun and I particularly hated buying anything that was too "popular".

In fact most of my friends became familiar with my favourite phrase “long term borrow”.  This meant I had fallen in love with an accessory of theirs and it was now permanently (long term borrowed) moving in with me.  On a night out, job interview, or dinner date I always offered to choose their accessories first and sometimes I could even recall from memory an item they had in their collections.  I have no qualms in giving away my own accessories to ensure that an outfit is complete. 

After years of encouragement from those closest to me and realising that accessories and clothing are a true love I present Oshun Apparelz.  We are a clothing and accessories brand catering specifically to encourage every woman to feel beautiful.  Our tag line Bring out the Goddess in you is reminiscent of the strength of the Goddess in all of us encouraging us to be bold in our choices but remain as calm and as a confident as the warrior woman we were all meant to be.  We will bring you earrings, necklaces, hand made bags, clutches and make up bags and lastly our printed range of clothing to embolden your Warrior spirit.